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We here at CFS General Contractors, LLC believe in the development of structures, people, and communities. We are happy to be framers because what we are helping to construct meets the expectations of our clients. 

The wooden beams behind your walls do more than only support the structure of your home. They give insulating support, hold your wiring in place, and direct the air ducts throughout your home. 

However, if your home has water damage, the water will corrode the existing frames. Rot, standing water, and excessive humidity may all soften the wood. Not only will the frames begin to lose structural integrity, but the load-bearing supports may also be jeopardized.

We are committed to the ideals of respect, honesty, truth, adventure, and knowledge. We are dedicated to setting the best standards in terms of safety, timetable discipline, quality control, work ethic, and leadership.

Our direct, detail-oriented, and local management style ensures that our clients’ projects are completed on schedule and under budget, without sacrificing quality or safety. We welcome competition since no one else meets our standards and knows our clients’ requirements better than we do.

CFS General Contractors, LLC is a Licensed, Bonded, and Quality Framing Contractor / General Contractor in Memphis, Tennessee. We specialize in Custom Wood Framing for the projects listed below.

      • Wood Framing for Homes
      • New Construction Commercial Wood Framing
      • Improvements to the Home

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